Marfa Lights of Texas

Earlier this year, I interviewed an eyewitness of the Marfa Lights of southwest Texas. The behavior of those lights, during that night of observation, lacked the dance-movement that is sometimes described by eyewitnesses. Nevertheless, I came to conclude that there was enough evidence to strongly suspect that those lights were caused by intelligence creatures, not lifeless energy forces.

I realize that my own potential bias can easily come into play here. Fred Silcock, the author of The Min Min Light (Australia), suspected that the Marfa Lights are similar to Min Mins; James Bunnell, author of Hunting Marfa Lights, assumes that they are lifeless energy manifestiations; I, who have written two books on living pterosaurs, suspect they they are similar to the ropen of Papua New Guinea. Nevertheless, I believe that ideas about lifeless energy and barn owls both have problems more severe than a living-pterosaur interpretation. Marfa Lights behave more like what we would expect of living pterosaurs.

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