South Carolina sighting by Wooten

Flying Creature With no Feathers

Amazing as it sounds, the flying creature that seemed to dive almost towards her car, passing just in front of her, was bigger than some of the cars on that country road.

On the Live Pterosaur blog, we read:

The strange creature flew gracefully over the highway, right in front of the car Susan Wooten was driving to Florence, South Carolina. . . . ‘It looked as big as any car, and had NO feathers, not like a huge crane or egret. . . . it swooped down over the highway and back up gracefully over the pines.’

The blog post is “Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur in South Carolina

One critic of the Wooten sighting suggested a large pterosaur could not live in South Carolina because somebody would have found a nest by now. There are many problems with that reasoning. Let’s look at the problems with his reasoning.

  1. How does he know that nobody has found a pterosaur nest?
  2. Hoes does he know that a modern Rhamphorhynchoid would build a nest that would be recognized by common humans as being a pterosaur nest?
  3. What if the creatures are rare? How could we expect anyone to find a nest in a remote swamp in South Carolina?
  4. What if somebody found a pterosaur nest? What would the person do, report modern living pterosaurs to a local newspaper? The person might very well never be taken seriously.
  5. What if this pterosaur lays eggs in something other than a nest?

No, speculating about pterosaur nests does not disprove the existence of modern living pterosaurs.


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  2. Living pterosaurs in the U.S….hmmmm. Does not seem likely given the rules of breeding biology but mother nature is always amazing us!

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