Cryptozoology Books on Living Pterosaurs

Big Foot and Nessie, move over. A living pterosaur is catching attention, and the ropen has now become a valid cryptid. In recent years, two nonfiction cryptozoology books about living pterosaurs have been published (Searching for Ropens and Live Pterosaurs in America); two more books have been written with major living-pterosaur content (Big Bird and Dinosaurs – Dead or Alive).

Live Pterosaurs in America

The best-selling cryptozoology book in this genre, Live Pterosaurs in America analyzes eyewitness sighting reports for encounters within the forty-eight contiguous states of the U.S.A., with many states included: California, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, New York, Rhode Island, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kansas, and several others. Title Page, first paragraph:

Reports of giant flying “pterodactyls” in American skies—those have floated around the internet for years; but before about 2005, details were scarce. Even when an eyewitness was named, the interviewer was often anonymous; even when an eyewitness was credible, and the account published in a newspaper, the story was ridiculed, discouraging others who had also seen strange flying creatures. Where could eyewitnesses go? Who would believe them?

The second edition of “Live Pterosaurs in America” will be published around late-November, 2010, with the following *cover, probably:

*The nonfiction book about living pterosaurs in the United States, second edition


Searching for Ropens (now in second edition) (Don’t confuse this with the book above, both by Whitcomb)

A cross-genre nonfiction (true-life adventure plus religion plus cryptozoology), Searching for Ropens has been called the “Bible” of living-pterosaur books. Most of the sightings examined are in Papua New Guinea, with some from surrounding countries included (especially Australia).