Marfa Lights Controversy

With this past week’s press release (Unmasking a Flying Predator in Texas) about the ghost lights of Marfa, Texas, one response has been satire. If the writer’s intention is to discredit the idea of modern living pterosaurs (bioluminescent and in Texas), then satire can backfire:

So how did satire backfire? Any mention of Marfa Lights, even ridicule, draws attention to the phenomenon, and those readers who see past the satire and past the bulverism (“Doc” referred to me as a “certified whack job”)—those intelligent readers may notice the first and second comments on Connelly’s post: Clear refutation of the assumption that there are no mysterious lights that ever appear around Marfa, Texas. For some readers, those two comments may “turn on the lights.”

The important first point here is not the existence or non-existence of modern living pterosaurs; it is this question: “Are there mysterious lights around Marfa, Texas, which cannot be explained away as commonplace, like night-mirages of car headlights?” The answer? A resounding “Yes!”

The scientist James Bunnell (who has lived much of his life in this area of Texas) has spent years researching the Marfa Lights, those truly mysterious “ML” (mystery lights) that cannot be explained away as car headlights or other commonplace lights. He has gathered much evidence, including photographic evidence for the complex and strange behavior of those lights that some people call “ghost lights.” My interest relates to that complexity and behavior, for some of those flights of those lights suggest hunting predators that fly at night, and one hunting nocturnal flying predator that is said to glow is the ropen: an apparent living pterosaur.


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