Cryptozoology Book by William Gibbons

Many wonderful eyewitess accounts fill this cryptozoology book: Missionaries and Monsters. The cryptozoologist-explorer William J. Gibbons has done a fine job with it. I found the report of the Orang-bati (a large humanoid-like flying creature in Indonesia) particularly interesting:

In 1987, Tyson Hughes, . . . [missionary] arrived on the island of Ceram . . . [He gained] the trust of the Moluccan tribespeople. . . . [He] began to hear stories about a fearsome flying creature called the Orang-bati . . . this terrifying creature of the night is . . . up to five feet in height, and possesses huge, leathery wings . . .

Details about the pterosaur-like creatures flying in Papua New Guinea, however, I found at least somewhat outdated. Gomlongon Village (southwest of Mount Bel) is on Umboi Island, not on the mainland. In addition, “Duah” is probably a distorted version of the correct word: “duwas,” and “ropen” and “duwas” do not refer to different sizes or types of flying creatures but to different languages used by various villages and groups in Papua New Guinea.

Nevertheless, I am delighted to have my own copy of Missionaries and Monsters, for those many eyewitness reports of living dinosaurs and pterosaurs (or apparent ones: not every report need be of a genuine dinosaur or of a genuine pterosaur; it takes only one living dinosaur or one living pterosaur to disprove the universal extinction dogma) thrill the imagination.

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