Frigate Birds and Freak-Like Nerds

The Frigate bird, also called “man-o’-war bird,” flies far from the conflicting opinions of the living-pterosaur controversy. How irrelevant! But again it has been brought up as if evidence for the nonexistence of the ropen of Papua New Guinea. On the GhostTheory blog, in the post “Caught on Video: Dinosaur or Common Bird?” Youtube videos of an obvious Frigate bird are displayed as if new evidence. It is neither new nor detrimental to objective evaluation of serious investigations of reports of living pterosaurs.

I have written about Frigate birds before, about how they have never been used, by me or my associates, as if evidence for living pterosaurs. Enough said.

But are we nerds for writing about eyewitness accounts of living pterosaurs? When I say “we,” I mean those of us who have explored in Papua New Guinea, searching for living pterosaurs, hiking through jungles and talking with natives in remote villages. I don’t think “nerds” is the right word for us.

Comment from “PNG wantok”

I see no reason to doubt that this commenter is both an ornithologist and experienced in Papua New Guinea; but his comment raises questions about clear thinking or objective reasoning about reports of living pterosaurs in the southwest Pacific. Being an expert on birds, regardless of educational and professional accomplishments, never automatically made any person unquestionably wise and knowledgeable on all subjects indirectly related.

“PNG Wantok” says, “The Ropen myth has taken a life of its own, started on no evidence and some local boys pulling the leg of naive visitors to their village.” But that commenter gives no name of any village, no names of any “local boys” and no names of any visitors. I suspect “PNG Wantok” has imagined an event, without any evidence of anything like what he has imagined. Those who have studied the cryptozoological investigations of living pterosaurs and explored remote tropical rain forests, searching for living pterosaurs—those are the real experts on where the ropen accounts have originated. This ornithologist seems to have no experience whatever in this field, assuming that there is nothing to it.

Marfa Lights of Texas

Getting back to the personalities of those involved in live-pterosaur investigations, what about Mr. Greene, who stopped at the Marfa Lights Viewing Platform and spent hours watching the mysterious Marfa Lights? He seems to be rather unlikely to deserve the title “nerd.”

I recently interviewed a man who observed several strange lights near Marfa, Texas. Driving across the country, two days earlier, Mr. Greene decided to stop at the Marfa observation station, having previously read of the strange lights. He watched the sky for hours, grateful that the flying lights were active that night.


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