Pterosaurs in Australia

A lady in Eastern Australia was shocked at the giant pterosaur that flew in front of her car one evening. Kathy later communicated with the lady who witnessed the Perth flying creature.

Pretty freaky . . . it was as if you were shot into another time. . . . My daughter [thirteen years old]  and  I told the family as soon as we got home. . . . We both saw it appear from the side of the road as a black big shape moving fast . . . the wings were so big. black bat leather like; one wing covered the car with it’s body . . . as it bended it’s wing to continue flight you could see how strong it was, so big; I could imagine the force of wind the wings would make if we were not in the protection of the car; it was so close I thought we were going to hit it. The crazy thing, we could here the loud swoosh noise it made with its wings, twice: before it went over the car and as it was going over; it is a modern car the window’s were up; that is a big noise . . . It was night time. No feathers just leather, you could see the vein look stretching across the wing and thicker broom-handle size being the main bone wing structure, again covered with black stretched leather . . .

The above sighting was on the opposite side of Australia from Perth: Sunshine Coast, just north of Brisbane. Below is part of the description given by a man in southeastern Australia: another giant pterosaur in flight.

Pterosaur Sightings in Australia

I live in Australia in the state of Victoria near the Dandenong Ranges about 25 klms east of Melbourne.

I think it would have been around the late 1990′s. . . . I was standing outside about nine o’clock one night. It was full moon and very bright with a cloud bank to the south east extending to and over the Ranges. Mt. Dandenong is about 2000 feet high and the clouds were much higher than this.

I glanced to the south and [saw] . . . something flying that appeared to be at the height of light planes that fly around here . . . This thing was at least as large as a light plane, say a Cesna.  It was about 5 klms away and was lazily flapping it’s wings . . . It appeared to be lit up by the moonlight and shining as if it had no feathers. . . . I could see it quite clearly. . . . for about 5 mins whence it disappeared into the cloud bank. I estimate it was flying at a height higher than Mt Dandenong.

Perth, Australia, Pterosaur

“We had been walking in the evening and had just crested a hill . . .  In the distance I perceived an object in the sky. At this point it was rather indistinct and wondering what it might be I watched it as it approached. Soon I was able to determine that it was some sort of flying creature, and my first thought was that it must be some very large bird . . . Its progress had brought it closer and while its shape did resemble a bird I thought by now that . . . it must be the largest bird I had ever witnessed.

I would estimate that at this time it was about a quarter mile north of us and quite high. . . Within a minute or so it had reached our position and was about 250 or 300 feet above us and slightly inland. The area was moderately well lit and I saw that it seemed to be a light reddish-tan color. It did not appear to be covered with feathers but had a leathery texture. Soon after it passed us it flew over a more brightly lit sports area which highlighted even more the leathery appearance also bringing more detail to view. The wings were the most definite leathery feature, they were shaped in a triangular arch, similar to a very elongated shark fin, The body also still appeared leathery, though textured as though possibly covered with fine hair or small scales, the distance preventing any finer observation other than that it was slightly different texture than the wings . . .

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