Pterosaurs in Pennsylvania

In North America, now including Pennsylvania, an apparent modern pterosaur that glows at night—that is often associated with the ropen of Papua New Guinea, although we need many more sighting reports and better sighting observations. I don’t blame the eyewitnesses; I respect them for reporting their sightings to me. But my associates and I hope for more of those close sightings that allow for many detailed features to be observed.

Bioluminescent Flying Creature in Pennsylvania

. . . I received an email from a lady who was a passenger in a car one night; both driver and passenger saw a glowing creature as the strange thing flew by. Afterwards she did some research . . . “I have found that a pterosaur is identical to what we saw.” . . . The sighting was in Pennsylvania, and I believe it involved bioluminescence. . . . the flying creature ”was not too terribly high off the ground” and that it was ”quite large and seemed to be lit or glowing. . . . It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen.” She is one of the few eyewitnesses who have reported both a form of an apparent living pterosaur and a glow coming from the creature . . .

Pterosaur Observed in Pennsylvania

. . . in southwest Greensburg, Pennsylvaniva, a karate teacher and two of his students were talking outside. Above some small trees . . . they saw something that at first could have been mistaken for a large bird. . . . [The karate teacher said:] it caught my eye. Being that far up the “birds” body still appeared to be much larger than my 100 pound dog . . . The wingspan appeared to be at least six feet and although it was a bit away from us you could clearly make out a long “horn” or “cone” type protrusion coming out of the back of its skull . . . [The head] was at the end of an elongated neck.

We could here it splashing around, and Carrie ran around the building to see it. There are always ducks in that water as well as rats and other things. When she came back . . . she said it had taken off, Carrie said it was in the water splashing and eating or grabbing something in its mouth. [mid-2006, at 8 p.m.]

Pterosaur Press Room

“Hoaxes are disproved,” declares Jonathan Whitcomb, author of the nonfiction book, Live Pterosaurs in America. After compiling data from reports collected from early-2004 to mid-2009, from eyewitnesses across the United States, he found three kinds of evidence disproving any hoax- explanation.