Kongamato in Africa

Could the kongamato of Africa be related to the fiery flying serpent of the Old Testament in the Bible? Both flying creatures are said to have attacked people. This deserves a closer examination, but for now let’s examine a more recent sighting.

A few years ago, a man from Africa sent me an email about his encounter one night in July of 1988, when he was a boy in Sudan. A common house in Sudan (at least in his area at that time) was one-level and made of mud. He was carrying a tray of food from one house to another when he noticed, on the roof of his uncle’s house, a strange winged creature. It was about four to five feet tall as it perched, and only about ten feet from a light bulb that illuminated the patio. The boy had a clear view of the creature.

After the boy had stared at it for about five seconds, the flying creature stretched its wings for about three seconds. The boy could see the “bone structure” in the wings, “like if you ever seen a bat’s wing.” The long-tailed creature then took to the air, flying just about the boy’s head, causing him to drop the metal tray, which noise frightened the creature, and it flew away into the night.

Kongamato Cryptid

The kongamato eyewitness reports should be examined in context with other sightings. . . . the Gitmo Pterosaur, with a long tail but no feathers, may be related [to the kongamato], notwithstanding the Atlantic Ocean separates Cuba from Africa. The ropen of Papua New Guinea, also with a long tail but no feathers, may also be related, notwithstanding the Indian Ocean separates the southwest Pacific from Africa.

Of course, the “Gitmo Pterosaur,” the kongamato, and the ropen need not be identical species to be significantly related, but it seems that all three are modern living pterosaurs.

Kongamato Pterodactyl of Africa

. . . a much-feared animal called “kongamato,” said to live in the Jiundu swamps in the north-west corner of No. Rhodesia near the frontier of the Bengian Congo and Angola. . . . The natives told him that it was a bird, but not exactly a bird, more like a lizard with wings of skin like a bat’s . . . the beast’s wingspan was between four and seven feet . . . it had no feathers at all . . . its beak was full of teeth. . . . he showed the natives pictures . . . They immediately [pointed out] the Pterodactyl, excitedly muttering “kongamato!”

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