Three Books on Live Pterosaurs in North America

Does anyone know of a nonfiction cryptozoology book that is mostly about reports of modern living pterosaurs in some part of North America? If it is a book other than the following three, please let us know. (Listed in order of most recent publication)

  1. Live Pterosaurs in America (third edition) – Sightings in many of the 48 continguous states of the USA
  2. Bird From Hell (second edition) –  Sightings in British Columbia, Canada
  3. Big Bird – Sightings in Texas

three nonfiction cryptozoology books on extant pterosaurs in North America

The three covers have one thing in common: images that look much more like pterosaurs than like any bird or bat. Before we dig into the content, consider some basics, beginning with Amazon reader reviews. Since most revisions are similar to the original edition, when reviews are considered, all editions are combined. The star ratings are more useful when only the “Amazon Verified Purchase” is considered, for this practically eliminates both non-reading critics and friends-of-author.

Average Ratings in Amazon-Verified-Purchase Reviews (five stars is best)

  1. Live Pterosaurs in America:  4.75 (four ratings)
  2. Bird From Hell: 4.00 (one rating)
  3. Big Bird:  3.25 (four ratings)

From the Book Descriptions on Amazon

Live Pterosaurs in America

Encounter eyewitness accounts of living pterosaurs in the United States. Live “pterodactyls?” In the United States? Many scientists have long assumed all pterosaurs died millions of years ago. Now take a whirlwind tour of many years of investigations in cryptozoology, and prepare for a shock: At least two species of pterosaurs have survived, uncommon, not so much rare as widely, thinly distributed.

Bird From Hell

As children, we are captivated by stories of huge, fantastical creatures, such as the wooly mammoth and the pterodactyl. The prevailing wisdom is these species are long extinct, but new evidence uncovered by author Gerald McIsaac casts doubt on these widely held assumptions. McIsaac gathered stories from the elders of the First Nation-those who were formerly referred to as Indians, Native Americans, or Aboriginals. First Nation elders provided McIsaac with detailed descriptions of six species long thought to be extinct. These species include the “Devil Bird” . . .

Big Bird

A LEGEND ON LEATHER WINGS! The Indians called it the Thunderbird, a winged monster so vast that the beating of its mighty pinions sounded like thunder. But this ancient beast is not to be held in the cage of mythology. Today, from all over the dusty U.S. / Mexican border come hair-raising stories of modern day encounters with winged monsters of immense size and terrifying appearance.

Books About Live Pterosaurs in North America

Number of Pages

  1. Live Pterosaurs in America  154 pages
  2. Bird From Hell  124 pages
  3. Big Bird  108 pages

Publication Date

  1. LPA (third edition) – Nov 2, 2011
  2. BFH (second edition) – April 21, 2011
  3. BB – February 1, 2007

Present Sale Price on Amazon (on January 9, 2012)

This is the sales price, not the suggested retail price (SRP). Authors have limited control here, if any. Names are abbreviated.

  1. LPA – $9.82
  2. BFH – $11.04
  3. BB –   $11.75