Why is it “Not Everybody Embraces Living Pterosaurs?”

Last year, the phrase came to me: “Not everybody embraces living pterosaurs.” But those unfriendly to the flying creatures, those large nocturnal non-bat-non-bird “teradactyls,” also come in a variety of human “species,” and those humans appear far from extinct.

Traditional Biologists

They shun potential embarrasment, those old professors who have followed the traditional line, that unwavering dogma of ancient universal extinction of all dinosaurs and pterosaurs. But embarrasment may be unavoidable when modern pterosaurs are officially discovered. I have communicated with two outspoken paleontologists who have tried to shoot down the living-pterosaur ideas. But both of them have stopped short of insisting that not one species of pterosaur could possibly have survived in any form resembling a pterosaur. Even paleontologists who openly oppose my work (and that of my associates) admit the theoretical possibility that I may not be 100% wrong.

Critics Who Belittle Those Who Believe in Giant Living Pterosaurs

That brings us to another human “species” of LP critic. To quote someone (I’ll call him “RMM”) who comments frequently on an online cryptozoology forum, assisted by a few other critics:

“There’s no fossil record of any ptero since 65M years. If some managed to survive, they would’ve changed beyond recognition, but they haven’t; they went extinct. No Ramphorynchus!. Again, a fact. That is why I claim that these who say to have seen pteros are liars. Or deluded.”

For many years, I have occasionally read what critics have said to dismiss those who believe the testimonies of eyewitnesses. I don’t recall any critic who has mentioned any date when any scientific test or experiment was performed that proved anything like what RMM “claims.” Adding the word “fact” to ones attack does not prove anything.

This species of critic is not satisfied at destroying an idea; they appear anxious to destroy the reputation of anyone who disagrees with them. More than once this kind of critic, on this online forum, has accused me of dishonesty for using something other than my real name, and this when those same critics use fantastic online names that must be made-up. Once, on the same forum of commentators with obviously made-up online names, I was accused of deception for using my real initials instead of my real full name. Really!

Where’s the Newspaper Headline?

This kind of skeptic simply refuses to believe anything that appears unusual but is not covered by major news media. When it comes to that critic’s own specialty or special field of study, however, news media attention is unimportant. I consider this kind of skeptic simply uninterested in the living pterosaur investigations, so the lack of news headlines makes it easy to dismiss those reports.

What is a Pterodactyl Expert?

Jonathan Whitcomb is a cryptozoologist and is a “pterodactyl expert” only in that cryptozoological sense. In the realm of paleontology, he is not an expert on pterosaur fossils.

A Live Teradactyl

The ropen of Umboi Island flies out to a reef on many nights of the month. It may have a varied diet, but the second expedition of 2004 turned up . . . that the creature carrys heavy giant clams up into the island interior to eat.

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