Pterosaurs in Georgia

Whether spelled “teradactyl,” “pterodactyl,” or “pterosaur,” the featherless flying creatures reported in Georgia do not appear to be anything like any bird or bat. But whatever the eyewitnesses call it, the sightings need to be taken in context with sightings in surrounding states.

Sighting in Southwest Georgia

I received this email last spring, but I’ll quote it only in part here:

Last week, my 16 year old son and I both saw a large um, thing, not a bird. It resembled a small pterodactyl. Very large wingspan, but the odd thing was it had no discernible feathers. My son saw it better than I as I was driving, albeit slowly. He said it was a leathery-looking skin. Pointed head, diamond shape at the end of the tail. It appeared to me that its legs were kind of pointed backward. Today we saw this thing again about 2 or 3 miles from the original sighting. This time my daughter aged 14 also saw it. The sighting was longer and clearer as well. My son described it as having . . . like bat wings . . . Reminded me of the creatures at the end of Jurassic Park. I am also very familiar with turkey vultures and this was nothing like that either. . . . my son described the wingspan as about half the length of a smallish camping trailer which I think would be about 10 feet???

Winder, Georgia, Sightings

. . . She had driven less than ten miles, just leaving an area of pasture, entering an area of thick woods . . . when an animal suddenly flew from the right, just over the front of her car. . . . It was the tail; she looked up at a “very long” tail that had a strange shape at the end. She later sent me some sketches . . .  one of them showing a thick almost-heart-shape at the end of the tail; it differs from the usual “diamond” shape suggested by some eyewitnesses, but I believe this creature is related to the others.


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