Pterosaur on Destination Truth

Within months of Paul Nation’s successful late-2006 ropen expedition in Papua New Guinea, an American television production company embarked on their own expedition to search for the giant flying creature of the night.

Gates interviews native Baptist minister Jacob Kepas, an eyewitness of the ropen

The Baptist minister Jacob Kepas, a native of Papua New Guinea in the Wau area, answered Josh Gates questions about his sighting and about his beliefs about the ropen.

Nobody expected the Destination Truth team to conduct an in-depth research of reports of the ropen, at least not in the sense that they could then write a scientific paper in a journal of science. But the limited research appeared to lead to an oversight: Josh seems to have been unaware that Pastor Kepas had a recent daylight sighting deep in the mainland of Papua New Guinea, during Paul Nation’s 2006 expedition. Gates asked him questions about an old sighting at night, for that was probably all that the American knew about Kepas’s sighting experience.

Papua New Guinea native Fabian tells American about the "big bird"

Gates asked a native eyewitness about the flying creature that glows at night. Fabian appeared to have significant experience observing that creature, for he described what part of the creature’s body could glow.

Ropen Search by Destination Truth

Early in 2007, several members of their team left Los Angeles for a long flight to the southwest Pacific, eventually arriving in the city of Lae, Papua New Guinea. There they took a small boat south to the peninsula Salamaua. They were following rumors that ropens live in caves in that area.

New Site: Ropen

Countless eyewitnesses, in many countries across the planet, have pondered what it was they had seen.