Ropens Flying in Los Angeles County

As of early August, 2012, the game camera set up over a storm drain in Lakewood, California, has not captured any image of the apparent ropen that was seen a few weeks earlier, in clear daylight. The camera has been pointed at a hole in a fence where the creature is believed to have entered or exited the backyard next door to the sighting location. The problem with the setup (24 hours a day, everyday) is with the triggering delay, for this is a deer camera that is great at photographing deers that walk slowly into the camera’s view: It can take over two seconds from the motion-detection to the photo recording, and a ropen can fly into and out of view in less than two seconds, day or night.

A “pterodactyl” or pterosaur has also been reported from other parts of Los Angeles County: San Fernando Valley, Altadena, and twice in the Santa Fe Springs area.

Nevertheless, I hope that the creature will perch at or near this fence long enough to trigger the camera to capture its image. How dearly we need a clear photograph of a modern living pterosaur!

cryptozoologist looks at storm channel in Lakewood, California

Pterosaur in Lakewood, California

At about noon, on June 19, 2012, in her backyard, a lady in Lakewood, California, saw a featherless winged creature with a tail at least four feet long. . . . “I saw this huge dragon pteradactal looking thing. I scared it because when he saw me he jumped off the telephone wires and when he opened his huge wings they sounded like heavy fabric . . . I watched him fly across to a large tree .  . .”

Daylight Sighting in Lakewood

The possibility of a sighting of a Frigate Bird was dismissed when the lady described the long neck and the “triangle” at the end of the creature’s long tail.