New Cryptozoology Book: Pterosaurs in Australia

My latest book, Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea, is now published on Amazon as a Kindle ebook:

cover of e-book on pterosaurs in southwest Pacific - still living creatures

No paper version is available–save those trees.

A Few Details:

About 20,000 words: a medium-length book, smaller than the largest Kindle Singles ebooks

Published September, 2012

Author and publisher: Jonathan David Whitcomb

Images: one (cover image on first page)

Table of Contents (internal linking):

How can Pterosaurs be Alive?
The Finschhafen Pterodactyl
The Bougainville Creature
The Lake Pung Encounter
Another Expedition on Umboi Island
The Perth Creature
Other Sightings in Australia
Expedition of 2006
Other Sightings in Papua New Guinea

To quote part of the Introduction:

What is a Pterosaur?

We must begin with the basics: What is a pterosaur? It’s not really a type of dinosaur, although it’s associated with them. The flying creature is called “pterodactyl” by many non-scientists; some Americans call those featherless fliers “dinosaur birds” or “prehistoric birds.”

Most pterosaur fossils fit into one of two types: long-tailed Rhamphorhynchoid or shorter-tailed Pterodactyloid. Those two types differ in other ways, not just tail length, but that’s a subject for a book on pterosaur fossils.

In modern eyewitness reports, long-tailed pterosaurs outnumber short-tails, at least four-to-one. Standard models of extinction make this ratio appear strange, for the long-tailed variety were thought to have dwindled before the short-tailed pterosaurs became dominant, at least that’s the theory. Nevertheless, the ratio is significant in modern sightings, appearing consistent regardless of the culture or beliefs or education of the eyewitness.

Introduction, page-1, of e-book "Live Pterosaurs in Australia . . ."

Book Featured on Live Pterosaur Blog

I can’t remember why our vehicle had stopped. Maybe we had to wait for another vehicle to pass us. I don’t know. But I can still hear that slow flapping sound in the stillness of an early tropical morn, on the road from Panguna down to Loloho on Bougainville Island in 1971.

For those who order on Amazon-UK, purchase this ebook through Amazon here: UK Kindle

For those who purchase Kindle books on the French-language Amazon site, this book (in English) is here: FR-Amazon

Nonfiction cryptozoology books (paper versions) specializing in modern pterosaurs include Live Pterosaurs in America and Searching for Ropens.


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