Press Releases on Live Pterosaurs

Newspapers, for over a century, have reported flying dragons or pterodactyls. Some reports I believe were based on sightings of live pterosaurs, others I doubt; but in recent years press releases testify of the more credible accounts. Consider now two of them, both including a sighting in Australia.

Australians Have Seen Strange Flying Creatures

This press release includes part of the sighting report of Michael Hayward, who lives east of Melbourne, Australia. He had sent me an email and was kind enough to give his name to the world.

He called the flying creature a “pterodactyl” and described his observation: something he first assumed was a pelican. But he realized that it was too large to be a pelican, perhaps as large as a Cesna airplane.

Pterosaurs Alive in Australia

This news release includes a bit about a sighting in Queensland, Australia, from an email I had received from a lady who was driving at night with her thirteen-year-old daughter: “We both saw it appear from the side of the road as a black big shape moving fast. The wings were so big. Black bat leather like.”

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Washington State Ropen

. . . all of a sudden coming left to right across the highway about 100 yards (give or take) in front of us came the most odd looking thing I have ever seen flying.  My wife and I both immediately said “what was that?” . . . It had a longer neck, crested head, big curved wings that connected at the back of the body, and a long tail.