Featherless Flying Creature in Georgia

In the late summer of 2008, I received an email from an eyewitness in Georgia, a lady who at first was anonymous in my publications (in 2012, she allowed her name to be revealed). I here include a small part of her sighting report, in her own words.

First Sighting by Sandra Paradise

In my searches I have been trying to find someone who might be interested in helping me to verify the existence of an animal I have seen twice in the last few weeks, on my way to work…besides researching the anatomy of what I think it is, and whether anybody else looks up often enough to see one. . . .

I live in a small town in northeast Georgia, called Winder . . . I was born and raised in Atlanta and moved here 9 years ago. . . . I work in Athens . . . a commute that is roughly 25 miles long thru the woods . . .

On August 27, I woke up very early in the morning and could not go back to sleep, so I decided to go ahead, get up, and get to work early and maybe be able to take off early. This put me in the road at about 6:45 am. The day was overcast . . .

. . . entering into a section of thick woods, driving around a slight curve downhill–there are high wooded banks on each side of the road there–and suddenly an animal flew out from my right. . . . and it flew directly in front of my car, across the road. I did not see where it went. . . .

As it leapt out from the woods, I saw it from below, and the tail was very long with a shape on the end. Its wings were probably half-spread and I saw several dark thin horizontal bands across the belly. . . . As it crossed my path, in front and slightly above me, I saw it had a head that was curved, like a hammer; the head had a crest on the top . . . the mouth was closed so I could not make out a jaw structure . . .

Second Sighting by Sandra Paradise

On September 10, I overslept dreadfully. I did not get out of my house til 8:50 am. . . . The day was overcast again . . . I’d gone two miles outside the city limits of Winder, was coming around a curve at the top of a hill . . . and there he was. . . . at the very top of the trees, just flapping along. This time he was further away . . .

But because I was at the top of a hill, the trees he flew above weren’t so high to me . . . They were at the bottom of the slope, so it was almost as if I were dead even with him. Again, he was almost in profile, he looked dark . . .

I could see the crest of the head, and the long tail that I could clearly see had a thickening at the very end. It did not hang down limp . . . it streamed out behind the body . . .

This one looked bigger than the first one, the first one looked to be as long as my Camry is wide. This second one . . . as big as my car is long. Holee cow.

She gave me permission, with reasonable limitations, to publish her sketches. The following needs to be taken in context, however: She did not indicate in her verbal descriptions any extreme tail bending. The following sketch should not be taken as a precise view of tail bending in her actual sightings.


Sandra Paradise, eyewitness in Georgia, drew this sketch of the tail. She did not report the tail actually bent in this manner, however.

One of the sketches drawn by the eyewitness (Copyright 2008 Sandra Paradise)


Large Flying Creatures in Georgia

July of 2010. My wife and I were sitting outside when motion from above the tree tops to our left caught my attention . . . We were looking at two extremely large birds flying together . . . 15-20′ wingspans . . . appeared to be featherless.


Pterosaurs in Georgia

Last week, my 16 year old son and I both saw a large um, thing, not a bird. It resembled a small pterodactyl. Very large wingspan, but the odd thing was it had no discernible feathers.


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