Destination Truth Ropen Episode

I wonder what the natives think of that Western idea, what those eyewitnesses in Papua New Guinea think about the universal-pterosaur-extinction assumption. It’s not part of their culture but ours. Many of those natives humbly acknowledge the advancements in Western technology, miracle machines that they would not have imagined possible. But our culture carries mental weaknesses as great as any superstition in any third-world country. Why insist that all species of a particular type must be extinct?

I’m thinking about a particular native who was interviewed by Josh Gates, during the Destination Truth expedition of 2007: Fabian. In spite of Fabian’s assurance, however, the expedition team was probably skeptical, at least to some extent, for those visitors to Papua New Guinea were, after all, Americans. They may have thought, “How could a large long-tailed pterosaur be still alive, without the knowledge of any of our scientists?”

Destination Truth was not a religious exercise or spiritual quest. It was a true-like adventure television show (or still is one, as the fifth season began in July of 2012.) Josh and his team members were probably each raised from childhood under the dominating influence of universal extinction indoctrination, regarding dinosaurs and pterosaurs. That explains why those team members were so shocked when their night video cameras picked up something inexplicable, a flying light that should not exist . . . something like what had been described to them by native eyewitnesses.

Eyewitness Fabian told Josh that the glow they were looking at in a recording is what comes from the stomach of the flying creature

Fabian (right) firmly believes in the glowing flying creature—he has watched it


This native was also shown a sketch of the ropen and verified the long tail.

Native eyewitness Fabian verified that the flying creature had a long tail

Fabian was sure that the flying creature has a long tail

A typical episode of Destination Truth lasts for about 45 minutes, focusing on searching for a cryptid, some unclassified creature within the realm of cryptozoology. The third episode of the first season features a search for a “pterodactyl-like” creature called “ropen” in Papua New Guinea and another cryptid in Chile: the chupacabra.

Pterosaur on Destination Truth

Josh seems to have been unaware that Pastor Kepas had a recent daylight sighting deep in the mainland of Papua New Guinea, during Paul Nation’s 2006 expedition.

Pterosaur Reports Continue Coming

. . . three pterodactyl about 100 feet away. The creatures flew up into the air and off away. They noted the long pointed beak, apparent lack of feathers . . .

Destination Truth – Ropen Episode

While Paul Nation was nearly the end of his expedition deep in the mainland of Papua New Guinea, late in 2006, I was interviewed by members of the Destination Truth television production team, in their new office in Hollywood.



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