Pterosaur Sightings in Florida

I’m delighted when somebody sends me an email about a pterosaur sighting only hours or minutes old (some reports are of sightings years earlier). One of those delightful reports was from a professor in western Florida:

Late 2012

“Today, I was blessed with a sight that will never be forgotton. It was 11:45 A.M. today, solid grey dim overcast- about 60 degrees out—Wednesday November 14 2012—Crestview, Florida . . .”

Professor Steven Watters gave me details on his pterosaur sighting:

“A huge Rhamphorhynchus-like flying entity . . . grabbed my attention . . . flying west to northeast, close enough it could’ve been shot down. I had ran to the door and about . . . lost my breath in disbelief. Had an estimated wingspan of 8-12 feet and a tail as long as its torso with a large bulb or lump at the tail very diamond shaped, no feathers and all colored the same whitish-grey color with a pointed beak. It soared with very slow flaps that were slow . . . [slower than] flying creatures in general.”

Pensacola Sighting in 1995

. . . I was having a yard sale, so I was in the driveway at 5 am. I saw this huge bird with bat wings, at least a 20 ft wing span, flying towards me, I just turned and ran screaming into the house. The shadow it threw covered the driveway. . . . my husband didn’t believe me. . . .

About 2002 in Jupiter, Florida

I was sitting outside my house with a buddy of mine talking (it was about 2 or 3 in the morning) and all of a sudden something caught . . . our attention, above our heads. It was a flying creature that flew over our heads towards my backyard (behind us over the roof of the house) . . . pointed wing tips, no feathers pointed beak and what made me think pterosaur was that long pointed thing protruding from the back of its head . . .

I live in florida so I’ve seen my share of cranes and what not, but this WAS NOT a bird. A second later something made us look across the street where we saw a second one flying over a house flying down into that house’s backyard. We took a real good look of the first creature because the flood light facing . . . down on the driveway, lit up the underbelly of the “thing”. It was only about 4′ long (wingspan)and about 2′ beak to tail which was pointed.


Like a bayou, Turkey Creek in Florida

Turkey Creek: one of many places in Florida where nocturnal animals can hide


Sightings of Pterosaurs

The men later did some research and found the word for such a creature, a word used in nearby Papua New Guinea: ropen. The pilot contacted me, Jonathan Whitcomb, and gave me the details.

Pterosaur Sightings in the United States

 . . . in Orange County . . . north of the University of California at Irvine. He described the dark gray or black animal as 30 feet long, with 15-16 feet of that being a tail.

Featherless Flying Creature in Georgia

. . . . it flew directly in front of my car, across the road. . . . As it leapt out from the woods, I saw it from below, and the tail was very long with a shape on the end. Its wings were probably half-spread and I saw several dark thin horizontal bands across the belly.


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