Recent Pterosaur Sightings – Arkansas and Kentucky

Within the past seven days, I’ve received two sighting reports of apparent pterosaurs; both encounters were in 2012: Arkansas and Kentucky. (I made corrections in spelling and grammar, for the following.)

Central Arkansas

I saw a pre-historic bird . . . this past spring. As I was driving over a small bridge, with a creek underneath, it flew up from under the bridge beside my truck and flew up above my truck and out and over a field. I watched it from the side and the underneath. . . . had no feathers and it was grey skinned with pink undertones. It had three sections to its huge wings and a crown behind its head. It was so huge and heavy that it had trouble flying up high enough to get up over the top of the bridge. . . .

Kentucky, South of Lexington

. . . I live in Lamero, Kentucky. It’s a small, rural area located along the Daniel Boone National Forest. I have a friend who lives near Renfro Valley . . . It’s a wooded area as well, with a small fishing lake nearby as well as several caves. And I’m talking a lot of caves . . . This county is seriously like swiss cheese, a spelunker’s [cave explorer’s] paradise.

Last July, I was visiting my friend at his home. It was just a little after sunset, so it was still daylight outside. The weather was nice, so we were outside, sitting on his deck, watching aircraft flying by. . . . I was looking northward when Brandon, my friend, shouted behind me, “what in the blue h*** is that?”

Approaching us from the east and flying westward were two very large animals. They were really moving on. I noticed that they didn’t flap their wings very much, about once every second or two, definitely not as fast as a common bird flaps their wings.

They appeared to be a brownish color and had every characteristic of a pterodactyl, from head to tail. I’d say they were roughly 15+ feet long and were flying at least 40 mph, but these are just rough estimates because we didn’t get a lot of time to evaluate them.

Within five seconds of him pointing them out to me, they were out of sight. I know I wasn’t seeing things because, thankfully, I had another witness right there and we both agreed that the best word we could use to describe what we saw was “pterodactyl.”

These are not the first pterosaur sighting reports that I have received from Arkansas and Kentucky. More eyewitness accounts (of encounters in this part of the United States and other areas) are found in the third edition of Live Pterosaurs in America.



South Carolina Pterosaur Sighting

[Taken from a page by Jonathan Whitcomb] “It looked as big as any car, and had NO feathers, not like a huge crane or egret. . . . it swooped down over the highway and back up gracefully over the pines.”


Pterosaur Sightings and Statistics

Extinction Concept

Before the twenty-first century, when had anybody done any research on the pterosaur-extinction concept itself? I’ve communicated with several paleontologists, over the past nine years, but not one of them has mentioned or even hinted at the existence of any investigation of the pterosaur-extinction concept. It’s been taken for granted as an axiom for about two hundred years . . .


Pterosaur Sightings – Alive

“I suddenly saw . . . quite a distance away, a flying object that was strange. . . . we knew it was quite far away, but it was as big as a regular bird would appear up close.”