When a Child is the Eyewitness

We have eyewitness sighting reports from around the world, from encounters with apparent living pterosaurs, for many years. Some of those eyewitnesses were not adults but children. It’s not surprising, considering how many often a child enjoys playing outside while adults are indoors. But what do we do with those sighting reports.

I’ll tell you. I treat them the same way I treat reports from adults. I record details and publicize them along with other reports. Are children less dependable? What difference does it make, for many of the reports are given to me by adults who were children when the sighting occurred. How rare are the children who contact me while they are still kids!

Pterosaur Sighting in Oklahoma

From the third edition of the nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America:

. . . about 1985 . . . in Woodward, Oklahoma, near a small river, at about noon, a fourteen-year-old became terrified at the sight of a pterosaur-like creature.

“I was walking to the small river where I usually caught carp fish. . . . a large animal took off into the air. . . . it was a dinosaur. I went to my knees so that it would not see me. I was afraid it would eat me. I stared at the back part of the head because it was exactly like the ones depicted in books. . . . had a long neck and wide wings just like in the movies or in books. It had no feathers and it was flying around and looking downwards into the fields. . . .”

From the second edition of the nonfiction Searching for Ropens:

. . . an old man [in Papua New Guinea] . . . described how, before wooden coffins became popular, the deceased were wrapped in leaves. One night, after a burial, the ropen approached, glowing brightly; the villagers tried to stay awake to protect the grave, but the ropen stayed awake longer: In the morning, the grave was empty. . . . he was a small boy when the creature robbed the grave.

Other examples could be given for sightings in which the eyewitness was a child, but I’ll let this suffice for now. Credibility is not actually much harmed by the age of the one encountering the apparent pterosaur, for the details in the descriptions are generally similar to what is told to us by eyewitnesses who were adults during at the time.



Pterosaur Sighting in North Carolina

The eyewitness also reported what appeared to be two legs that were held out behind the creature and a long tail that had “a spade at the end.” Perhaps the most critical factor in the observation was that the legs were separate from the long tail that had a structure at its end, for that suggests a non-extinct Rhamphorhynchus-type pterosaur.

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