Missing Persons in USA

This is only a preliminary investigation of a few of the more-mysterious disappearances of men, women and children in the United States. Much of what I have learned so far has been from the nonfiction book Missing 411 – Western United States & Canada (by David Paulides) and from what I have learned from some reports of apparent pterosaurs. I hope to have more details to report within the next few weeks or months.

Direct Eyewitness Accounts That Suggest Potential Attacks

From a comment on a page of cryptomundo.com in 2006:

Hairless and featherless, grey to almost slightly pinkish in skin colour, a ‘flock’ of these 20-foot+ wingspanned ‘birds’ came in high over their sailing vessel around the same time each evening for several days. [in the Pacific, in the Samoan Islands region]

These screaming furies would circle lower and lower and then make strafing runs low over the hull of their vessel. My friends had to retreat with their children into the cabin for protection when these frightening squadrons came over. They called them pterodactyls . . .

Well, that may sound like reports of giant flying creatures carrying off children and adults in Papua New Guinea: maybe third-hand accounts from faraway tropical islands. But we do have some direct eyewitness accounts that suggest at least a few modern pterosaurs can appear threatening to humans in the USA. Consider two of them.

From a lady in Rhode Island, I got an email in 2004:

I have seen a pteradactyl in my backyard. . . . It was a cold night, and I heard a loud whooshing noise  moving in the air to my right. I saw a huge pteradactyl. It circled my house six times, and once it turned its head and looked at me. By the sixth time it was somewhat lower; it definitely was interested in me . . . I can’t believe more people don’t report seeing them.

That sounds subjective, regarding any possibility of an attack, for the creature did not actually attack the lady, but there’s more.

Two years ago, a lady sent me an email about her sighting years earlier. Our email interviews became extensive and I concluded that the flying creature she had seen was in an attack dive when it had second thoughts. That young lady was standing waist-deep in a small pond at night, and the apparent pterosaur probably thought it an unnecessary risk to continue the attack, without knowing the size of what was partially in and only partially out of the water. The flying creature hovered for a short while and then flew away, although that hovering seemed almost like an eternity to that young lady. Here are some of her words about her encounter one summer, late in the 20th century:

It came from the direction of the moon and, as we had no flashlights or any light source, all I saw was its silhouette.  I could see it was big even before it was close.  It seemed like it crossed a great distance with only a few flaps of its wings and mostly glided but it came very fast. I have not before nor since ever been so petrified in my life. . . .

I felt incapable of moving my legs.  I just stood there, facing it until it literally got about 20 to 30 feet away and it “stopped” and hovered mid-air. . . .

The wings were somewhere between 15 and 20 feet wide and they covered the entire opening to the U-shaped inlet when they were open.  The wings were bat shaped without feathers, the head’s silhouette looked like a point (again, could not see facial features as it had the moon behind it) like a head crest but what I was looking at more than anything else was its large, sharp talons. . . .

Well, maybe that creature heard the splashing in that pond and assumed, at first, it may have been a raccoon or something; maybe that huge flying thing would never harm a human. But circumstantial evidence points to something more sinister in large flying creatures in general, and right here in the United States. Take a peak at what little I have found on this so far.

Strange Missing-Persons Cases

David Paulides has investigated some of the strangest cases of human disappearance, especially in national parks of the USA. Sometimes a person is never found; sometimes the person’s body is found under strange circumstances; sometimes a person is found alive but in a strange place.

I do not imply that all or even most of the cases in his book relate to attacks from ropens or any other kind of pterosaur. At least a few of them, however, do look like that, and common or even uncommon alternative conjectures fall flat compared with a ropen-attack explanation.

Looking through the glasses of Sherlock Holmes, what would law enforcement professionals be expected to find if they were open to large ropens attacking people and carrying them away?

  • Unlike deer and other potential prey for large pterosaurs, humans wear clothing. If people are being carried away by huge flying creatures, we would expect that some missing persons would never be found and if clothing were found then it might be one shoe or a pair of pants that was inside out or with one pant-leg inside out. Why? A creature would occasionally grab a foot, eventually allowing the human to fall out of a shoe, or claws would grab the upper part of the pants, eventually causing the pants to go inside out as the person fell away.

Well, that’s what searchers find sometimes, one shoe or one piece of clothing that is inside out, including at least one pair of pants that had one pant-leg inside out. With that said, it may be more common for the pants to be completely inside out; we need more information.

  • We would also expect that some missing persons would be found at a much higher elevation than where they were lost. Whether the person was alive or dead when found, he/she would probably be carried away to a higher elevation for the ropen (or other huge flying creature) to feast. Clothing makes a few escapes possible, allowing a very few persons to survive and be found, although they would not always be still alive when found by searchers.

Well, a significant number of found persons turn up much too far away from where they went missing, often at a much higher elevation.

  • If people were simply wandering away, and no huge flying creatures were ever involved, children would be found closer than adults and toddlers would be found even closer to where they were lost. That is not what happens with these really strange cases.

Toddlers, older children, and adults are all found far from where they were lost. Even little kids two-to-four years old are found miles away, sometimes with a mountain separating the found-location from the originally-lost-location. Unfortunately not all of them are found alive.

  • We would expect tracking dogs to stop at where the person was carried away into the air.

Well, tracking dogs do stop following the scent suddenly, and multiple teams of multiple tracking dogs have the same problem.

I hope to have more information and even some statistics, as this investigation continues.



Attacks From a Ropen in New Mexico?

Some kind of predator was probably involved in at least two of those cases, someone or something dangerous residing in that part of New Mexico.

Nita Mayo and Patricia Tolhurst

 I now approach a painful problem in our American society: missing persons. I really want to help in any way that I can, but I also need help in tying together two disjointed concepts, if they can honestly and objectively be tied together. I don’t know how to proceed without speculating, so let’s just jump in.

Papua New Guinea Ropen Attack

On the northeast coast of Umboi, in 1993, she saw the glowing tail (little else was visible) approach the funeral procession; apparently the creature had smelled the body. After the mourners banged pots and yelled at the ropen, it flew away.

Human Deaths From “Pterodactyl” Attacks

I hope that no pterosaur was responsible for any of the human deaths in British Columbia, Canada, along the 500-mile stretch of highway from Prince George to Prince Rupert, but I also hope that all attacks from irresponsible humans, against innocent human victims, will cease, and that this world will become a paradise in which death itself will cease. Notwithstanding all our hopes for the future, however, we now face a present danger, a warning from Gerald McIsaac, author of Bird From Hell, who believes that “most of the hitchhikers [on this highway at night] who disappear have been killed by this animal. It is also my opinion that many of the people who have disappeared have not been reported.”

New Book on Living Pterosaurs

It looked like a dead pterodactyl: not fossil bones but with skin, like it had died recently. Could those creatures, non-extinct, still fly? Although I could not verify the photo was genuine, the idea within that image in a soon-forgotten book would be awakened four decades later . . .


4th edition, front cover: Searching for Ropens and Finding God

Searching for Ropens and Finding God – fourth edition


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