Mini-Documentary on the Sighting by Patty Carson

By the investigative journalist Jonathan Whitcomb

Patty Carson, I am sad to announce, passed away early in 2019. Her contributions to living-pterosaur investigations have been great, for she has spoken freely about many details that she observed in the flying creature she encountered in Cuba in about the year 1965, when she was a little girl. She also gave us a remarkable sketch, drawn from her memory of that ropen.

Almost immediately after hearing about her passing, I began creating a Youtube video on her sighting at Guantanamo Bay. It took more than two weeks of work to complete “The Girl who saw a Flying Dinosaur.”

More like what the little girl saw in Cuba in 1965

Video about the little girl who saw a pterodactyl

After an introduction to Patty’s sighting of the ropen, the mood changes as the U.S. Marine Eskin Kuhn is shown to be a second eyewitness at Guantanamo Bay. He saw two “pterodactyls,” also in clear daylight, but he drew his sketch within minutes of his encounter with those flying creatures; Patty drew her sketch decades later, in 2011.

The two sketches are then compared, in particular with a difference in the depiction of the head crest. The mini-documentary then points out that two legitimate sketches of a real animal would not be expected to be nearly identical anyway, and the actual difference is shown to be minor.

thumbnail for video "The Girl who saw a Flying Dinosaur"

Youtube thumbnail for “The Girl who saw a Flying Dinosaur”

The scene soon changes to Australia, where a couple in Perth saw a gigantic flying creature in December of 1997, between the neighborhoods of Heathridge and Ocean Reef. The words of the lady and her scientist-husband are then presented.

Duane Hodgkinson’s sighting in 1944 is then briefly explained (Finschhafen, New Guinea), and the scene changes to the two ropen expeditions on Umboi Island in 2004, although that is also only briefly mentioned.

Approaching the end of this 16-minute mini-documentary, sightings of apparent pterosaurs in the United States are display but without any details about those encounters. The names of the American states are displayed over a map of the country (map of the 48 Contiguous states).

large words "North Carolina" on top of map of the USA

One of many states in the USA (reported sightings)



Books on living pterosaurs

This refers to many books, each of which has at least a little information about modern pterosaurs, and some of these  are entirely about those flying creatures.


Flying dinosaurs in the United States

Live pterosaurs in America and in Cuba


Modern Pterosaurs in England – Youtube video

Especially about “pterodactyl” sightings in Shropshire


Pterosaur in North Carolina

Look not to a biology professor at a university, if you should be one of the lucky ones who has seen an apparent living pterosaur in states like South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, or North Carolina (or any other state or country). Contact me to report the flying creature you encountered.


Dinosaur bird in the United States

One of the first detailed pterosaur sighting reports that I received from a state of the USA was the encounter by Susan Wooten in South Carolina. It seems to have been a large ropen. The following is from the first chapter of the third edition of my nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America . . .